Marketplace Order Connector

We are happy to announce that our shopify app order connector has now been renamed to Marketplace Order Connector so that we can offer new marketplaces

Our shopify app to import orders in to shopify has had a lot of positive feedback in the past 6 months, we did get a lot of requests to add new marketplaces to the app, and the top requested marketplace was amazon.

Our team has been working hard to implement amazon to the Marketplace Order Connector, and after a very intensive review process with amazon, I’m happy to announce our app has been approved by amazon!

We are currently beta testing with a few of our customers, and will release the new version of our app soon.

With the new amazon marketplace added you will have the same functionality as with our bol marketplace intergration:
– Automatically import amazon orders into shopify
– Send track & trace details to amazon after fulfillment
– Update inventory in amazon when inventory get’s updated in shopify (or when an order gets placed in shopify).

Connecting shopify to amazon & with our marketplace order connector

We don’t want to stop here, if you have any marketplaces you want to have added to our marketplace order connector, feel free to leave a comment, we will add new marketplaces in order of highest demand, so if a marketplace has been requested enough times, we will add it to our roadmap.

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