Talk2 Whisper node first client server setup

The Talk2 whisper nodes are low powered boards based on the Atmel AVR ATMega328p microcontroller. This board can be powered with as little as 0.9V. You can even run it o a CR2032 battery for a long time with correct coding.

The whisper nodes use a built-in RFM69W Sub-GHz RF module for wireless communication, which are a lot more energy efficient compared to 2.4ghz wifi for instance. In order to use the nodes with the internet you will need to set-up a base station receiving the RF communication from all nodes, the base station could be an arduino with whisper node connected.
For my base station I chose to use the esp8266 as a base station since I still had plenty of these from my “Test Setup ESP8266” I simply connected a whisper node through serial connection. Just connect pin1 & pin0 from the whisper node to the RX & TX of the esp8266.

A diagram of my setup:


I added codesamples to my latest post


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