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Klaviyo Mail Flow – Pickup Reminder

With 3 of our apps offering pickup functionality like our Shopify PostNL app, Shopify DHL app and our Shopify Product Inventory Information app which offers in store pickip, we got a lot of feedback that sometimes customers will forget they ordered anything, and it’s not great for the merchant or the customer if an order get’s returned to the store by the shipper for instance.

That’s why we set-up a klaviyo flow for some of our customers, which will automatically remind the customer a day after the order has been placed.

Setting Up Pickup Reminder Flow

In order to set this up you need a Klaviyo account

Go to flows & Click Create New Flow.

Select Create from scratch, and name your flow.

Select Metric for trigger setupin the left menu items

Select Placed Order Metric, then click done

Click the trigger filters button, and select “add trigger filter”

We use shipping options in shopify that have pickup in the rate name. so we only want this flow to continue if it contains pickup

Drag and drop the time delay block under the place order block

We select a 2 day delay, because mostly it takes at least one day for the order to get processed and shipped to the pickup location

Drag and drop the email under the delay, and setup your email content

Dont forget to enable your flow and set the emails to live
if you have customers from different countries you can add conditional splits to translate the emails

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