Telerik platform mobile development

I have been using Telerik Platform for some time now, I was quite happy when using the trial, but since I have taken a $39 monthly developer subscription to create my mobile applications, I have had some greatĀ features gone missing šŸ™
I understand Telerik needs to make money, that’s why I bought a subscription, but some features are only available for the Ā $149 monthly plan which is just too much for a single developer, the features I really miss:

Package your apps and publish to Public app stores directly from the telerik AppBuilder
Since | don’t own a mac, this was a great feature in my trial version, but it’s not included in the lowest subscription tier, and now I need to use MacInCloud yet another paid service (which is working great by the way) to be able to upload my build to itunes connect. I would rather not need multiple subscriptions to accomplish one task

leaving out the option to send push messages to a segment or single user
I have no idea why I would need the abillity to send push messages to everyone at once, that sounds more like a spam tool to me.
I did find an alternative push service for my app calledĀ OneSignal, I’m currently implementing it, and will write a tutorial on it this week.

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