Talk2 Whisper node CR2302 Battery Test

I’m currently testing batterylife with the whisper node and a CR2302 battery.

For my project I will need the whisper node to send sensor data every hour (reading distance from a US100 Ultrasonic sensor).

For testing purposes I set the sleeptime to 40 seconds, this way the battery will deplete faster, and I can estimate how long it would last with sleeptime of 60 minutes.

I started my sensor 04-10-2016 @ 12:10, The sensordata is being posted to tingspeak,I’m averaging every 10 results to get a nice graph:Update: Some data went missing because of an error in the backend code, the whisper node did send the data and receive the sleeptime as usual, it just didn’t get logged to thingspeak so the test is stil valid, and the whisper node is still going strong šŸ™‚

The whisper node has been running for 12 days now, I estimated that when I will have the sensor readings every hour, I will get over 2 years of batterylife, and probably some more which is plenty for my project.


My base station looks like this at the moment, it’s powered through my pc with a usb cable, the whisper node is connected to the Ā rx and tx of my esp8266:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Whisper node with sensor connected directly to the MCU pins.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Whisper node in my 3d-printed case:


  1. I had to stop the battery test, since I need the sensor and esp8266 for my project šŸ™‚ it has been running for 14 days without a problem, my estimate is that it will run for 2 years or more with my application, which is more then enough.

    I hope to post some more information soon.

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