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Marketplace Connect app by TomIT

The marketplace connect app now has a dedicated website, we are adding all relevant information related to selling on amazon, bol.com, kaufland, ebay etc.. on that site. if you have any feedback on our app you are always welcome to send us an email at [email protected]

We have recently added the option to sync your shopify products to ebay, and are working hard to also offer it for other marketplaces, we will keep you posted on our marketplace connect for shopify website

Shopify Product Inventory Information App

Our new app that let’s you display product inventory location information on your shopify frontend has been listed in the shopify app store if you have multiple locations setup in shopify, and want to display shopify product stock quantities per location in the frontend, try our app for free for 14 days!

We created this app because some of our customers who have a shopify store, and multiple brick and mortar locations were looking to display their shopify inventory quantities on the product page. They already set up shopify multi location in the backend, and wanted to use that information to give the customer an idea of inventory close to them.

Show Lightspeed Inventory Information on shopify

With our new app to display inventory levels per shopify location on the frontend, we got a request to connect the shopify app with a lightspeed retail account .So that the customer could display inventory information from the lightpseed retail accounts, in stead of shopify. This is interesting for brick & mortar stores, who use lightspeed retail for physical locations, and have an online store running on the shopify platform. The only thing needed in order for this to work is that the skus on shopify and lightspeed match.

The interface has been developed, and even with 40+ store locations it works like a charm.

Shopify Frontend Inventory Quantities per Location

A lot of merchants who need inventory levels displayed per location on the shopify frontend have reached out, and came up with great feature ideas to add to the inventory locations app which I’ve made so that you can display location inventory information on the frontend in shopify.

These are the current options in the app to show inventory levels per location:

  • Hide Out of stock locations in frontend
  • Only Show Out of stock / In stock per location (don’t show the exact inventory quantities on the shopify frontend)
  • Use inventory threshold to display out of stock / Low stock / High stock at certain quantity amounts
  • Rename Location names for displaying inventory in the frontend (if your backend location names aren’t descriptive enough, you can rename it for the frontend listing)




If you have any other ideas to add to this app, just let me know, if it fits the apps goal to show location inventory information on the shopify frontend I would be happy to add it.

One Merchant asked me to create a lightspeed connection between the app and shopify, so he is able to display his lightspeed retail inventory on the shopify frontend. I’m currently creating a seperate lightspeed app for that, if you are interested let me know.

Shopify Show Product Inventory Location Frontend


If you want to show the shopify product inventory locations on the frontend, there is no real out of the box way, but I wanted to list the different product locations and inventory in shopify frontend for a customer, so I created an app for it.

it’s not listed in the app store yet, since I want to add it for review after a testing period and then it needs to get reviewed first, but you can already use it like any other app. Instructions down below.

the App will get the inventory location information through the backend API and return it to the frontend.
For performance purposes I’ve currently set the inventory information of a product to be cached for 1 minute, I’m thinking about making this configurable.

I would really like to get some feedback, if you have any features you would like to see let me know

For anyone interested I have added a 30 day free trial for now after that the price will be $4.99 for early birds, this is to get everyone on board in improving the app. when the app is released, it will be 7 day trial with a $8.99 a month price.

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the app by entering your store name here: https://inventorylocations.checkmyapp.net
    the app will add a script to your active theme, that will take care of getting the inventory information
  2. Add this div to the product-template.liquid file of your theme:
     <div id="inventoryLocationInformation">
                <strong>Inventory:</strong><br />
                <span class="inventoryLocationLoading">Loading..</span>
  3. That’s it!


The app is running on my live server, where some other apps run on too, so you can rest assured that it won’t shutdown without any notice.


You can setup which locations you do want to display their inventory for (if you want to hide some warehouse for instance)



Frontend, app in action: (you can also check it here : https://shipping-demo.myshopify.com/products/test-product



let me know what you think, and if you have any questions / remarks just let me know

Shopify PostNL Pakjegemak pickup points

Are You looking for pickup points form your own stores? check out my other app: 



I have added the pickup points to my PostNL app listed in the shopify app store

Shopify Advanced plans and up can use the pickup points option by default.
Shopify Basic & Standard plans need to have a yearly plan with shopify (in order to get access to the required API’s) the yearly plan does give you a 10% discount.




I was looking for an easy way to have customers select pickup points during checkout, but unfortunately there is no easy implementation. Sendcloud does offer postnl pickuplocations in shopify, but only after the payment process has finished will the customer get to see a map and select their pickup location. Which seems a bit odd to me, and counterintuitive.

I have created a shipping carrier service, which is currently awaiting review in which you can have the pickup points show up at shipping option selection:


test it out yourself on my demo store, shopify plus: https://shipping-demo.myshopify.com


Basic shopify: https://pakjegemak.myshopify.com