Push Notify Push notification API


I created an api for sending Push notifications to mobile phones, I use the API in an opencart extension, to send new order information, and give clients the ability to receive order updates, but I figured it might be usefull for other developers to have a quick way to add push notification functionality in their application.

I’m currently writing the API documentation, you can find the basic documentation here:
Swagger API Documentation

The basic workflow:

  • Create a user & receive an API key
  • Create a channel
  • Have mobile devices subscribe to channels
  • Send a message to channels


In the opencart extensions case I create one channel for the admin, and a unique private channel for each customer (after an order is placed) which they can use to receive order status updates (pending, complete, shipped, cancelled etc..)

To receive mobile notifications you will need the Iphone or Android app.


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