Philips Hue motion sensor Teardown

I’m using my hue sensor in openhab and really like them, I was looking for some nice teardown pictures of the hue motion sensor, but could only find the Hue dimmer switcch dissection & Hue tap Dissection

Since I’m pretty curious what’s inside, and how they get this good batterylife I will dissassemble one of my hue motion sensors in the name of science to see what’s in there, I hope I can help someone else out with these.

I’ll try to compile a list of the items I find on the board, if you have any additions please let me know 🙂
– Atmega M2564RFR2-ZU
– 4mb serial flash 25fu406c
– Some type of Pir motionsensor


p6200158 p6200160 p6200173 p6200173-2 p6200181




  1. I’m trying to create a thermometer for my pool with this. Have you detected where the temperature-sensor is on the PCB?

    1. I would be interested if you got the thermometer working. I am trying to make a thermometer for my spa that has a swutch also. The motion sensor would be perect. I can switch the motion sensor with a standard switch and us the motion detected property for whatever i want. I am just trying to work out how to wire an external themometer but cant find it on the PCB or any info on the web. Would love some help if you have worked it out.

  2. Thanks! Was debating getting another for teardown purposes (not that much “tear” is involved, I’m just very busy and tossed a bunch of them up for energy savings, especially in summer) and it just so happens was just shopping for one of those boards…

    1. Thanks 🙂 yeah, I managed to get it back together as well! I’m using them with hue system and openhab for more advanced automation rules.

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